Satan's Slaves (2017)


If your only exposure to Indonesian horror films is Mystics in Bali (yes, I’ve watched it…NO REGRETS! fist pump), then Satan’s Slaves will seem like a revelation. For the rest of us die-hard horror fans Satan’s Slaves doesn’t offer much that’s new. This isn’t to say that it’s a bad film - it’s not. But it’s overuse of horror cliches and jump scares make it far less interesting than it has any right to be.

Satan’s Slaves revolves around a young woman named Rini who is tending to the needs of her ill mother, her elderly grandmother, and those of the rest of her family, including her younger brothers Tony, Ian and Bondi. After her mother’s burial, strange sightings occur around the home. Other odd occurrences lead Rini to seek out an old friend of her mother, who delivers an ominous message about the family’s fate and their link to a secretive, satanic cult. You can probably guess where all of this is going, so I won’t say much more about the plot beyond: it’s probably pretty close to what you think it is.

I found myself pretty bored, and not really engrossed with the storyline, simply because it’s all been done before, and better. I will say one thing though - the cinematography in Satan’s Slaves is gorgeous. This is a pretty film! It’s also confidently directed and well acted. It’s just the storyline and dependency on cliches that makes it a less than thrilling watch. Which is too bad, because it felt promising. That being said, you could do much worse, and if you’re curious about the current state of Indonesian horror, this is a good place to start.