Yes, time to talk about the film that everyone else is talking about in breathless reviews! 

If you're not familiar with the story, IT is about a group of kids (who dub themselves The Losers Club) who discover that their hometown - charming Derry, Maine - is home to an unspeakable evil. This entity returns to Derry every 27 years to feed, and as numerous schoolmates of The Losers Club begin to disappear, members of the club begin to have their own encounters with IT, which manifests itself in the form of a clown. The Losers Club, having put all the pieces of the puzzle together, work to fight the entity and bring peace back to their small town.

IT is a good film, but it's not a *perfect* film, depending on your tastes (more on this shortly), but it's an oddly heartwarming and charming movie. The acting is phenomenal - you really begin to love each and every member of The Losers Club. It is also HILARIOUS. The writers nailed the silly things kids say and do at that age, and you really feel the bond the kids have with one another. I laughed out loud more than once, and I'd almost argue that the film is funnier than it is scary. The direction is also fantastic, and I felt like the pacing and the way the film wraps up at the end is satisfying.

I was also pleased that the film wasn't just "EEEK SCARY CLOWN!!!" One of the things I love about the original story by King is the emphasis on IT as a coming of age tale. Metaphorically, I've always thought of IT as being about that age when you come to realize that there is true evil in the world, and that humans are capable of truly terribly things. This realization is, in my opinion, one of the true markers of adulthood. The film plays this up beautifully, and the way in which the storylines of the evil entity and the emotional development of the kids are intertwined is lovely. It underpins the entire foundation of the film in a nice, solid way.

My criticisms? For starters, the trailers give away far too much. Many of the scary moments in the film lost their impact because I knew they were coming. IT also suffers from a personal distaste of mine (and YMMV on this one, so it may not bother you at all) - the big budget, glossy look. There's no real grit or filth to IT. Moments that should be queasy-making (and there are numerous moments in the film like this) are lost in the perfect glossiness of it all, and a lot of the movie came through the screen to me as sets and props. This aesthetic look (choice?) flirts with the unreal, and to be honest it distanced me from the ability to get truly, deeply scared. I felt like I was passively watching a movie, rather than experiencing a storyline as the kids were experiencing it.  For me personally sometimes less is more, and in this case IT goes all out, to its (minor) detriment.

But, ultimately those are minor quibbles. This is a really FUN horror film guys - I had a blast. IT is definitely one of the best horrors of 2017 thus far, and one you should get out to see!