The Void


The Void got a whole boatload of buzz leading up to its theatrical release, but based on the mixed reviews that came out after the film hit theaters, I couldn't figure out if it was going to be my type of film. Now that I've seen it, I have to be honest - I still don't know if it's my type of film.

The Void is pure chaos and makes absolutely no sense, and IMHO that's part of its charm (see my hesitatingly positive review of A Cure for Wellness if you need any further proof of my fascination with zany storylines). Obviously, this is also part of its weakness, so your own horror biases will play a huge role in whether or not you enjoy it. My opinion is that if you go in without any expectations and Kanye Shrug your way through, in particular, the latter half of the film, The Void turns out to be kind of entertaining.

Aaron Poole plays a cop who, after rescuing an injured man at the side of the road, gets trapped in an understaffed hospital, along with a small ragtag group that includes his estranged wife. The hospital is in the process of shutting down, which creates a perfect backdrop for the film's narrative of isolation and terror...and portals to Hell...and Lovecraftian transformation...and baby daddies from beyond (side whisper: honestly guys, I have no clue what was going on in this film. *Kanye Shrug*). Anyway, why are they trapped? Because there's a menacing group of white-robed, futuristic-looking, monk-like figures who have gathered on the hospital grounds in anticipation of some big, cosmic event. Obviously.

While the Void's storyline is like being in a fucked up haunted house with way too many strobe lights to even see what's happening, the special effects are where it shines, and beautifully at that. If you dig the warped body horror of films like From Beyond and The Thing, you'll find much to love here.  The Void's practical effects sploosh and plop in all the right places, and there are some wonderfully chilling moments that make effective use of timing and oozing tentacles.

I can't quite recommend The Void but I also can't NOT recommend it. The film starts out fairly strong, but it quickly goes downhill from there and there are too many plot holes to make much sense of what happens later in the film. Even so, I have to admit that I was entertained for the duration of The Void, even if it was because it was so hair-brained that I found it sort of fascinating. So, the question is - should you see it? *Kanye shrug*