Shutter (2004)


I'm kicking myself for not having seen this when it first came out, because I have some bad news - time hasn't been kind to Shutter, in the sense that vengeful female ghosts with long stringy hair feel incredibly, incredibly dated. It's been done to death (see what I did there?), and spoofed and re-spoofed. But the good news is that if you can get past the appearance of the film's main antagonist, Shutter still has enough meat on its storyline and spooky moments to chill viewers.

The film begins with photographer Tun and his girlfriend Jane getting into a terrible accident. While driving down a dark road, a young woman suddenly appears and Jane hits her. Jane wants to stop and help, but Tun convinces her to drive away from the scene. This is, obviously, a bad idea. From that point forward, Tun and Jane experience strange phenomenon, including the presence of a ghostly shimmer in many of Tun's photos. Jane believes these strange occurrences are due to the woman from the accident, but Tun remains skeptical.  As Jane takes it upon herself to look deeper into the woman's history, what she ultimately discovers is shocking.

I enjoyed Shutter! It had enough unexpected twists to keep me entertained, I honestly didn't expect the final portion of the film's narrative to unravel the way it did, and I have to admit - there were some legitimately creepy and altogether terrifying moments. So while the ghost imagery feels a bit silly in retrospect, the overall themes are timeless.