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Ambient Light is a new podcast of personalized horror film recommendations that will premiere in October 2017. Maybe you...

  • are looking for a film that will terrify you, but feel like you've seen it all?
  • want to see something that approaches horror tropes in a new way?
  • are looking to dip your toes into foreign horror, and need suggestions of where to begin?
  • desire a film with a strong female lead?
  • loved The VVitch and want more films like it?
  • want something age appropriate to watch with your kids?

I'm here to help you out - you can think of me as your horror film reference librarian! Fill out the form below to submit your question. Please be as thorough as possible in your question. Especially helpful information to include are films you've already seen and loved (or hated), your general taste in movies, etc. I'll do my best to find you something fantastic to watch.

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