Episode 2

Ambient Light is a bi-weekly, personalized horror film recommendation podcast. In this week's episode, Angela answers questions about: disturbing, lingering films; horror movies for people who don’t like violence; funny horror; and films for people who are looking for something wry & clever.


It's been a while since I've seen a horror movie that had thoroughly disturbed me. I want to watch something that will have a lasting effect. Psychological stuff really freaks me out, possession, unnatural movements. Watcha got??


Recommendations: In a Glass Cage (1986) directed by Augusti Villaronga; Eden Lake (2008) directed by James Watkins.


What horror films would you recommend for someone new to the genre but with a bit of a sensitivity to violence? Is it possible to get into horror - or find a corner of horror genre - to enjoy if big violence really disturbs me?


Recommendations: The Others (2001) directed by Alejandro Amenabar; The Ring (2002) directed by Gore Verbinski


Hey there, I'm looking for dark humor horror. I thought Hell Baby while it was fun was over the top stupid and many gags. I really enjoyed Housebound, You're Next, and The Devil's Candy.


Recommendations: Patchwork (2015) directed by Tyler MacIntyre; Dream Home (2009) directed by Pang Ho-cheung


The horror I like best is slightly wry and clever - like Cabin in the Woods and Train to Busan - not gory for the sake of it, or trying to hide a big 'gotcha' that isn't actually that hidden (I'm looking at you, Babadook). Can you recommend something I might not have thought of?


Recommendations: Society (1989) directed by Brian Yuzna; We Go On (2016) directed by Jesse Holland and Andy Mitton.