31 Favorites #9: Triangle

triangle (1).png

Triangle is a fun and unexpected little horror romp, and as I mentioned in my 9 Horror Films for Newbies write-up, it's a shame that more folks haven't seen it.

The plot? A few friends go out on a sailboat and find themselves adrift after a violent storm. Seeking safety, the group is thrilled when a cruise ship passes by and they're able to board. What happens from there is completely unexpected, and the film becomes a fun genre-hopper.

It's really hard to talk about this film without giving away some major spoilers, so I'll just stop right here and urge you to see it!

Three Things I Love About It:

  1. The unexpected direction that the film takes makes it a fun one for both horror and science fiction fans.
  2. The premise is completely original.
  3. This is a film that, while scary at moments, has an overall playful nature about it. And we all need that in the horror genre here and there.