31 Favorites #7: The Ring


A young mother and journalist gets roped into a horrifying situation when she decides to investigate the mysterious death of her niece. As she moves closer towards answering several questions, she stumbles across a video tape that purportedly results in the viewer's death exactly seven days after viewing.

I have to admit, most horror films don't actually *scare* me per se. But The Ring is one of the few that does, thanks to director Gore Verbinski's expert handling of the material and Bojan Bazelli's chilly cinematography. The atmosphere throughout is one of complete dreariness - everything has a blue/green, watery tint over it, reflecting the nature of Samara's demise.

Three Things I Love About It:

  1. The atmosphere of this film is unmatched by nearly any other horror film from the period, and it rarely resorts to using cheap jump scares. You really feel the oppressiveness that the characters are struggling against. 
  2. It was refreshing to have an ending to a film where everything wasn't wrapped up in a neat, happy bow. In fact, I left the theater feeling more afraid than when I entered it. That, to me, is the sign of a well done horror film.  Plus Samara is TERRIFYING.
  3. The nature of Samara's haunting and the manner in which it operates, is a wonderful metaphor for cycles of abuse. It's something I'll be writing more about on this blog in the future.