31 Favorites #6: May


May stars Angela Bettis as a lonely, awkward and disturbed young woman who begins to develop a crush on cool guy Adam (played by Jeremy Sisto). When Adam rebuffs May’s advances, she begins to both unravel and come into her own with horrifying results.

I love May. It’s one of those rare horror films that gives you all of the feels – sadness, sympathy, fear, repulsion…it’s all there, and it’s all in May’s character alone. It’s a really moving film, and that’s an aspect of horror films that, I would argue, we don’t see quite often enough. The closest example in spirit that I can think of is Frankenstein, in which the creature doesn’t ask to be created, but through a series of miscalculations and a profound misunderstanding of human boundaries, ends up becoming a monster.

Three Things I Love About It: 

  1. Angela Bettis gives a truly amazing performance. You feel deeply for her, just as much as you fear her. 
  2. The film never feels exploitive or cheap. We always feel that at the heart of it all director Lucky McKee is rooting for May.
  3. The end is heartbreaking, terrifying, and somehow beautiful. It takes a certain deftness and sympathy with the material to pull that off, and McKee handles it with sensitivity.