31 Favorites #11: Alleluia


Alleluia starts out with shy Gloria paging through online dating profiles with a friend. After some trepidation, she ends up on a date with charismatic and handsome Michel. From the get go we're given hints that not all is well with Michel – he collects photos of single women he’s dated, and performs a small magic ritual with them. Ummm….oookay. When he and Gloria finally meet, the chemistry is palpable, and we believe Gloria to be under his spell, both figuretively and (perhaps) literally. But as the film moves forward, we realize that Gloria is quite unhinged herself, and eventually their merging as a couple unleashes holy hell.

Alleluia is a new addition to my roster of favorites. I admire the all out crazy of the film. Musical numbers. Ritualistic fire dances. Magic spells. It sounds insane (and it is), but it all comes together in a completely riveting way. I was spellbound (see what I did there...???)

Three Things I Love About It:

  1. Alleluia holds nothing back in attempting to show just how depraved love can be.
  2. The film is fantastically shot. Color is used in interesting ways. I remember being totally transfixed by how the first date scene is shot in intense close up. Faces are partially obscured, swallowed in part by the shadow of the other character. I couldn’t help but think of how little one knows about their partner in the early portions of a relationship, but also how easy it is to become consumed with and by them.
  3. There’s a point where my mouth hung open in utter shock, followed by an out loud to an empty room “Whaaaaaaat?!?” It involves a song. You’ll know when you see it.