31 Favorites #5: Sleepaway Camp


Angela Baker is a shy young teen who heads off to summer camp with her cousin. But not too long after her arrival, other campers start to die one by one. Even by 80s standards, the plot is pretty predictable. There’s nothing about the characters that stands out, and what you get is a run of the mill slasher plot, with some corny lines and bad acting thrown in for good measure. Except….there’s the end.

Sleepaway Camp probably wouldn’t have even made a blip on the horror film radar without its WTF ending. It has a legendary reputation, and let me tell you, that reputation is well earned. The final image of the film is one that is so horrifying, so shocking, and so unexpected, that I have yet to meet anyone who has seen the movie who doesn’t have that image permanently burned in their memory bank. It’s truly chilling, and unlike anything else out there.

Three Things I Love About It:

1. The End.

2. The End.

3. The End.