October 1: A Halloween Themed Film


Recommended: Halloween III: Season of the Witch
Another option: Trick r Treat

It only makes sense that the first theme should be the one that gets our juices flowing for the rest of the spooky month. So let's get started with the theme that says it all: Halloween.

Y'all, I'm gonna just say it: Halloween III is so so terribly under appreciated. Horror fans were so disappointed by the fact that this installment of the series didn't feature Michael Myers that they weren't able to see its kooky charm. The owner of a company called Silver Shamrock Novelties uncorks an insane plot to commit mass murder using Celtic witchcraft. How does he do this? By selling cursed masks to the public. It's as bizarre (and fun) as it sounds. You'll never hear the melody of "London Bridge Is Falling Down" again without thinking of Silver Shamrock.

Trick r Treat is an anthology film, featuring interconnected stories taking place in and around a small town on Halloween night. Even though I found it to be a little uneven at times (which is kinda par for the course with anthologies) it's a fun film that really captures the Halloween spirit!

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