October 6: A Film That Scar(r)ed You As a Kid


Recommendation: Something Wicked This Way Comes
Another option: Return to Oz

Obviously, this is a pick your own poison day. But if you're musing on what would be a good choice, I have a couple of recommendations, both of which messed me up as a kid.

There was a brief time in Disney's history when they tried to scare the pants off of kids, and lemme tell you...it was both effective and effed up. I was the perfect age in 1983 when Something Wicked This Way Comes was released. The film, based on Ray Bradbury's book of the same title, involves a traveling carnival headed by the nefarious Mr. Dark (brilliantly played by Jonathan Price) that arrives in a small Illinois town. There are terrifying parade scenes, terrifying merry go round scenes, terrifying guillotine scenes...terrifying scenes all over the place! It just ain't right, y'all. 

And Return to Oz...there's something so overwhelmingly creepy and messed up about this movie. It stars Fairuza Balk (I could stop right there, as many of you are probably terrified by that information alone) as young Dorothy who returns to the land of the yellow brick road to try and unleash it from the hands of an evil king. I guarantee that The Hall of Heads is something you'll never forget.

You can't go wrong with either one of these, but I'd love to hear what films wigged you out as a kid! Leave 'em in the comments!

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