October 10: Some High Stupid Cinema


Recommended: Troll 2
Another option: Attack of the Killer Tomatoes

Good news - Halloween doesn't have to be all doom and gloom, and I'm here to cure your case of the Monday Blues. High Stupid cinema is just that – films that are so incredibly dumb that you almost can't believe they exist. And I have not one, but two suggestions for you! Both of these films are baffling (how in the world did they get made???), but fun and a fantastic addition to your horror viewing.

Troll 2 is a movie that defies any sort of speculation because it truly is Out There - you almost can't tell if they're being serious, or if you're meant to laugh the entire way through. The film - which doesn't actually feature any trolls in it – is about a family that does a home exchange in a small town, only to discover the town is actually the kingdom of the goblins. The town's name? Nilbog (that's goblin spelled backwards in case you were wondering). Like I said, High Stupid. This may be the worst film you'll ever see. You can thank me later.

Attack of the Killer Tomatoes is not quite as stupid as Troll 2 in my opinion (...did I really just write that?), but Troll 2 sets the bar pretty high. Or low? Anyway, Attack of the Killer tomatoes is about sentient tomatoes who rise up and and assault terrified citizens in all sorts of amazing ways. Watch out for that tomato juice!

"Let's Watch..." is a movie watching challenge for the month of October by Overthinking Horror Films. Each day a new theme is posted, with a couple of film suggestions to get you started. So check in daily!