October 5: A Horror Classic


Recommended: Nosferatu
Another option: Freaks

Nosferatu still holds up as a supremely creepy film. It's so atmospheric and shadowy that it's easy to see why it's hailed as a classic vision of terror. Count Orlock is the vampire of nightmares (...ummm, his fingers/nails are THE WORST), and the entire film is draped in a kind of terrible, fantastic dread. It's like watching a gorgeous German woodcut in action.

Freaks is another great film, and don't let its short run time fool you - with just barely over an hour run-time, it's a wonderfully pointed and effective movie. This 1932 tale of revenge involves a group of circus "freaks" who discover that one of their own is being deceived by a "normal." Payback is sweet!

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