October 29: A Horror Film Based on an Urban Legend



Recommended: Candyman
Another option: The Blair Witch Project

Candyman is one of my favorite horror films of all time, and I've made no secret of that on my blog. There are just so many elements of the film that work wonderfully - the odd choice of setting (housing projects in Chicago), Philip Glass' haunting soundtrack, and the underlying commentary on race and fear. The film is about a young doctoral candidate doing her PhD onurban legends. Once she comes across the legend of Candyman - a boogeyman of sorts, who's said to haunt the Cabrini Green housing projects - her research becomes very, very personal. 

I was one of those horror fans who actually liked The Blair Witch Project. Though in retrospect the film seems cheap and predictable, it's only because so many found footage films since that time have copied what Blair Witch innovated.  Even if you think the film is silly, you still have to hand it to filmmakers Daniel Myrick and Eduardo Sanchez - what they were able to pull off with very little money and lots of creativity, is pretty incredible.

The story centers around three college students who decide to make a documentary about the Blair Witch, a folk tale centered in the Black Hills of Burkittsville, MD. As the team hikes deeper into the forest, they get lost and begin to realize that the Blair Witch may be more than just a legend.

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