October 27: An Independent Horror Film


Recommended: Proxy
Another option: The Witch

Proxy is CRAZY y'all. A lot of horror fans didn't enjoy this one, but I think it's *just* interesting and weird enough to include in the lineup. After leaving her OB/GYN appointment, a young pregnant woman is brutally attacked by a mysterious hooded figure and loses her child. Seeking support amidst her tragedy, she joins a group for mothers who have lost children. It's here that she befriends another woman, and they bond over their mutual grief. But things aren't what they seem. At all. Like really. Really really not. Three words: this movie cray.

I was one of the horror fans who absolutely adored The Witch. It may not play out in the typical way that horror films do, but it's wonderfully done and personally, I was TERRIFIED for the entire duration of the film. After being exiled from their Puritan colony, a family creates a home on the edge of a forest. While things seem normal at first, a series of strange events, beginning with the disappearance of their youngest child, breaks down the family's resolve and unity with horrifying results.

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