October 26: A Film That Proves Being a Teenager Sucks



Recommended: Ginger Snaps
Another option: May

Ginger Snaps is about a teenaged girl (the titular Ginger) who, on the night of her first period, is attacked by a werewolf. Her sister Brigitte is able to rescue her, but Ginger is never quite the same after the attack. She engages in risky behavior, becomes aggressive and, most shockingly, starts to sprout hair and a tail. As the once close relationship between the two sisters becomes increasingly strained Brigitte makes a last ditch effort to save her sister before it's too late.

May is about an awkward, lonely and disturbed young woman who, after developing a crush on the local cool guy, begins to unravel with horrifying results. May is the rare sort of the film that causes viewers to both sympathize with and be repulsed by its lead character.

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