October 24: An Italian Giallo Directed By Dario Argento



Recommendation: Deep Red (Profondo Rosso)
Another option: Bird with the Crystal Plumage

Get ready for lots of shadowy figures wearing leather gloves and trenchcoats, because it's Italian Giallo day!

I have to admit that I'd never seen Deep Red until recently, even though it had been sitting in my queue for ages. And I have to say, I wasn't disappointed!  My only regret is that I didn't watch it sooner. The film is about a pianist whose neighbor - a psychic - is murdered. After being the one to discover the body, and catch a glimpse of the killer, he decides to team up with a journalist and investigate. But as he gets deeper into the mystery, it only gets stranger. And of course, all the while more bodies are piling up. Deep Red is a gorgeous looking film, with a killer soundtrack by Goblin, who also scored Argento's Suspiria.

Bird with the Crystal Plumage is another fantastic Giallo (though, IMO, not as good as Deep Red) with similar plot. An American writer, Sam, witnesses the attempted murder of a woman in an art gallery by a mysterious figure. Sam then becomes the target of the killer, receiving strange and threatening phone calls. As Sam and the police close in on who is behind the attack, we're left to wonder if he'll survive.

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