October 22: A Film That's Like a Fever Dream


Recommendation: Messiah of Evil
Another option: Suspiria

I love Messiah of Evil. It's about a young woman who travels to a small coastal town in search of her artist father, who's gone missing. The film, believe it or not, was written by the same team that wrote Howard the Duck. It's hallucinatory, and strange, with a dream-like quality that manages to get under your skin. For this reason, though it's far from perfect, Messiah of Evil is one of my "hidden" favorites.

Suspiria is the much more famous film of these two, and centers Suzy Bannion, a young American ballet dancer who moves to Germany to attend dance conservatory. As time goes one, strange murders take place and Suzy discovers that the conservatory is run by a coven of witches. The film's striking use of color, flat acting, spooky soundtrack, and fuzzy plot all work together to give it a strange, vague quality that's unmatched by almost any other horror film you'll see.

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