October 20: A Horror Film Released the Year You Were Born


Recommendation: Alice, Sweet Alice
Another option: Carrie

If I were being completely honest, I'd tell you that Alice, Sweet Alice doesn't quite come together in the way it should. It's also a bit of a rip-off from other, more well-known movies of the genre. But if I continued on this honesty streak, I'd also tell you that I kind of love the shit out of it, and that for all its awkwardness, it's still one you should take the time to see, if you haven't already.

The film begins with Alice and her sister Karen who have a strained relationship. Alice is jealous of Karen, who is about to take part in her first communion. As the service begins, Karen is found murdered and all eyes turn to Alice as the culprit. But everything isn't as it seems.

Carrie is probably the best known of these, and for good reason - it's the ultimate revenge fantasy for every teenage girl, and it's scary as hell. Carrie is about a teenaged girl who is the subject of intense bullying at her school, and a focus of hatred for her overbearing religious zealot of a mother. As Carrie becomes more and more distraught at the unfairness she's experiencing from all sides, she discovers that she has telekinetic abilities. And that's when things get interesting!

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