October 17: An African-American Directed Feature



Recommendation: Ganja and Hess
Another option: Tales From the Hood

Ganja and Hess is an artsy, rather strange 1973 feature about a pair of vampire lovers. There's something beautiful and tragic about the film, and the way that it weaves together the African American experience, religion, and blood lust is an amazing thing to see. It's a difficult film to describe because the plot is very loose, but it's one you shouldn't miss.

Tales From the Hood is a darkly funny film about three men who find themselves hearing horrific stories from a seemingly crazed funeral director. The four tales are deeply steeped in the realities and myths of the African American experience, past and present - slavery, police brutality, and violence in urban communities. Tales From the Hood is a rare type of horror film, in that it's incredibly didactic at times, but also manages to remain a ton of fun.

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