October 15: A Haunted House Film



Recommended: Hausu (House)
Another option: The Haunting

Hausu (House) is a strange, must-see film from Japan. The story centers around a schoolgirl with the nickname Gorgeous, who takes a group of friends with her to stay with her sickly aunt during summer break. The home, in case today's theme isn't enough of a hint, is haunted and strange incidents begin to take out the girls one by one. If you've never seen this one, I envy you - you're in for a treat!

I've been vocal about my love for The Haunting on this blog before, and today is a great day to revisit this one. I love this film because it functions on the premise that what you don't see is actually scarier than what you do. The story is simple - a group of people are invited by a paranormal investigator to stay overnight in a haunted house. Good times ensue! Okay not really, but...

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