October 14: The First Horror Film You Ever Saw


Recommended: Demons
Another option: Poltergeist

The moment that I saw Demons is forever etched in my mind. I was at a friend's slumber party, and we found the film playing late that night on cable. For the next 1.5 hours we screamed, squealed, laughed at our own jumpiness, and generally acted a hot mess. It was at that moment I fell in love with the horror genre. Not only did the experience feel invigorating, but it also felt like a bonding moment with my friends.

Demons is a great little film about a movie theater in Berlin that becomes overrun with demons, trapping terrified moviegoers inside. As the demons possess the theater's patrons one by one, things get completely out of hand.

Though an earlier film than 1985's Demons, Poltergeist was the second horror film I ever saw. And though some of the special effects look dated by today's standards, the story of a family fighting to keep evil spirits away from their youngest daughter still makes for a rollicking good film.

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