October 13: A Film You'll Want to Unsee


Recommendation: Man Bites Dog
Another Option: In a Glass Cage

As always, one woman's Man Bites Dog is another woman's Charlie Brown Christmas, so I urge you to watch whatever film you think fits the criteria today. Everyone has their limits, and these are two that came very close to hitting mine. After each, I wanted nothing more than to take a hot shower to wash away the ick. 

Your mileage may vary, but I found Man Eats Dog completely repulsive. The film is shot mock/documentary style, and features a group of young filmmakers making a film about the daily exploits a serial killer. At first, the group simply documents the actions of the killer. But soon enough, they begin to take part in his rampage. There are scenes in this film that are so depraved and vicious, it made me nauseous. Blech.

In a Glass Cage is another stomach churning film about a young man named Angelo who goes on a mission to find his past abuser, a former Nazi doctor now confined to an iron lung, and exact revenge. Angelo becomes the doctor's live in nurse, and begins to exhibit many of the same qualities of his abuser.

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