October 11: Something a Little Too Close to Reality


Recommended: Exhibit A
Another option: Eden Lake

Well, just as soon as I picked you up with yesterday's feature, I'm dropping you right back down. Bleak is the word of the day, my friends! Both of these films are a bit soul destroying (and frighteningly plausible), but that's kind of the point with this theme. 

Exhibit A may not technically have been marketed as a horror film, but in my opinion it should have been. It details the violent unraveling of an average English family, after they find themselves financially under water. It's a found footage film, but the rationale behind the filming makes perfect sense. The film's title also takes on a chilling meaning as the tape, presumably, becomes evidence. The fact that you hear stories exactly like this in the news, makes it all the more horrific.

In Eden Lake, a couple's weekend camping trip goes horribly awry after they get tangled up in some very nasty business with a group of local teens. You can actually imagine all of this happening, in some nightmare world only slightly off from our own.

"Let's Watch..." is a movie watching challenge for the month of October by Overthinking Horror Films. Each day a new theme is posted, with a couple of film suggestions to get you started. So check in daily!